California Beaches

San Diego

You simply cannot visit California without taking a trip to its southern tip and dipping your toes in the clear warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The state has a wide range of beaches, each with its own unique sights and attractions.

One of the most well known beaches in sunny California is Huntington Beach. This is a surfer's paradise, as the beach hosts more than fifty surfing contests every year. Not only this, but Huntington beach is also home to the International Surfing Museum, the Surfer's Hall of Fame and the Surfing Walk of Fame. This beach isn't just for professional surfers, however; beginners can try their hand at this water sport by renting a boogie board from one of the many surfer shops along this beach.

For those who prefer to bask in the sun and relax when they're by the sea, a trip to Zuma beach is a must. This beach stretches for about 19 miles and is an ideal spot for any visitors who want to kick back and enjoy the sunshine, without the crowds and the noise of other California beaches. People come here to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and relax with a good book.

However, those who want to soak up some culture and get to know the quirky community of California would be better advised to head over to Venice city beach; this is a brilliant place for whiling away a few hours, people-watching. Along the walkways next to the beach, you'll find magicians, mimes, acrobats and musicians. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants with good California wine to be found along the Ocean Front Walk.

If the thought of sunbathing and swimming for hours on end isn't your thing, then Santa Monica State Beach is the place for you; when you tire of the golden sands and beautiful blue waters, you can make your way to the Pacific Park on the pier of the Santa Monica beach, and entertain yourself with restaurants, games and rides. The attractions here will keep you amused for days on end if you wish; you can choose from a ride on the Ferris wheel, a drive on the bumper cars or a thrilling spin on the roller coaster. In addition to this, people often use the walkway by the Santa Monica Beach for activities such as bike riding and using roller-blades.

Of course you can also enjoy the nice beaches at La Jolla, nice long sunny white beaches and not crowded at all.

Because of so may beaches in California people are generally fit as thet like to show their nice body and not look fat and ugly. As there are so many good looking people around this puts pressure on everyone to look his best. Some are dieting, some use are using diet supplements, some hit the gym regularly, and some even do all three. So be prepared to be amazed by the good bodies you will see on California beaches when you visit.

There are just some of the many beautiful beaches to be found in California. Whether you like your seaside time to be peaceful and relaxing, or full of thrills and spills, you'll find a beach to suit your tastes here in the sunny state! - copyright 2005-2020 - The Jewell City in California- Visit California