La Jolla Homes: enjoy beautiful California

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La Jolla is a beautiful community in South California. Gentle ocean breezes, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs are all waiting for you. Above all this splendor, a marvelous estate glittering along the shore is Billionaire's Row: the finest in luxury living along the famous seaside resort beach community of La Jolla, South California.

Two world cities located in Southern California are Los Angeles, considered the capital of the region and San Diego in the south. And La jolla id less then twenty miles from San Diego. The region hosts the Los Angeles International Airport, the third busiest airport in the United States, and the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the largest in the country.

Several of the most prestigious universities in the world are also in the region, like the University of California at Los Angeles University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount, Claremont Consortium of Colleges, Pepperdine University, Cal Tech and eleven campuses of the University of California. The popular expression "Tech Coast" is used to describe the diverse technology and cash rich industry of the region and the multitude of universities and research institutions are located there.

Southern California is the world capital of cinema, television and music recording, home to Hollywood and is home to many companies: ABC, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Walt Disney Company, and many others. And let's not forget about the beautiful Californian wines.

It is also an important center in the sport (head of Fox Sports Net). Among the many teams in the region include the famous franchises: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Galaxy Chivas USA and San Diego Chargers.

With residents from around the world, Southern California is a pioneer in the development of many subcultures, such as the hippie movement, and new musical genres such as hardcore punk. The set has a very strong influence on the world.

Southern California is composed in part by an urban environment marked by a succession of low-density communities and extensive areas of nature connected by major roads where the automobile is dominant. Other areas are large arid undeveloped locations. Businesses like solar energy companies, Sacramento dumpster rental companies or recycling facilities help with the sustainability of the State of California, making sure it stays clean and green.

Experience the difference as you embark on a lifestyle afforded exclusively to the rich and famous at La Jolla. The exceptional service is fantastic in the La Jolla, California. You have a choice in buying your dream home at La Jolla unless you prefer San Francisco.

California is also the symbol of healthy people. After all the governor used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and this is where Muscle Beach is. In California people are more health conscious than anywhere else and often California leads the way on some health issues like organic food.

In California people like to look good and to feel good. Remember this is where Hollywwod is located and where the most gorgeous men and women converge, hoping to get a role in one blockbuster. - copyright 2005-2020 - The Jewell City in California- Visit California